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The most innovative and useful hepatic cell line

HeparRG™ is an unique and well established hepatic cell system able to produce early hepatic progenitor cells as well as completely mature human hepatocytes.

The one-stop hepatic in-vitro model for:

  • In-vitro ADME applications: Inhibition assays, Drug metabolism and clearance, Metabolite ID...
  • In-vitro toxicity testing applications: Hepatotoxicity (reactive metabolites, lipidosis, choleastasis etc), Virology (HBV, HCV…), Infection with hepatitis and other viruses for replication, ...
  • Liver assist devices/ BioArtificial Livers 
  • Transgenic liver humanized animals with HepaRG™ cells
  • …. an ever-expanding range of applications!

HeparRG™ cells are more economical, convenient, and predictable than fresh or cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes. It's available in proliferative state to be expanded and differentiated in-house, or as cryopreserved, fully differentiated and ready-to-use hepatic cells.





Features of the HepaRG™ cells

HeparRG™ is an immortalised cell line with 4 main features:

  • Full array of functions, responses, and regulatory pathways of primary human hepatocytes including:Phase I and II, and transporter activities consistent with those found within a population of primary human hepatocytes + Intact response elements, PXR, CAR and PPARa
  • Form bile canaculi
  • Has the potential to express major properties of stem cells
  • High plasticity & complete transdifferentiation capacity


HeparG joined Saferworldbydesign approach.

heparg publications

Latest publications

  • Co-exposure to benzo[a]pyrene and ethanol induces a pathological progression of liver steatosis in vitro and in vivo.Bucher S,  Tête A,  Podechard N,  Liamin M,  Le Guillou D,  Chevanne M,  Coulouarn C,  Imran M,  Gallais I2,  Fernier M,  Hamdaoui Q,  Robin MA,  Sergent O
    Sci Rep, Apr 2018
  • Bavachinin Induces Oxidative Damage in HepaRG Cells through p38/JNK MAPK Pathways.Wang S,  Wang M,  Wang M,  Tian Y,  Sun X,  Sun G,  Sun X
    Toxins, Apr 2018
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HepaRG™ model system for cholestasis prediction

Time lapse (Total recording time: 2 hours).
Chlormoprazine superior to 40µM constricts the bile lumen and provokes cholestasis.
Constriction of canaliculus lumen has been observed in presence of CPZ after 2 hours.

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