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HepaRG products

HepaRG™ key advantages

HepaRG™ is a reliable, robust and well published human hepatic cell line used in an ever-growing range of applications.

HepaRG™ has many key advantages, including:

  • The capacity to produce early hepatic progenitor cells as well as completely mature human hepatocytes.
  • A morphology and metabolic capacity similar to human primary hepatocytes.
  • The first human hepatoma cell line to express main CYPs, functional nuclear receptors and major sinusoidal and canalicular hepatic drug transporters.
  • Overcomes limited availability of liver tissue.
  • Excellent batch-batch reproducibility and sub-cultures.
  • CYP activities and expression of canalicular drug transporters can be increased by classical inducers.
  • A robust cell-based system to evaluate metabolism of test compounds.
  • A suitable model for high throughput screening of chemicals.
  • A unique and exclusive model for in vitro pharmacological and toxicological studies.
  • Usable and stable for at least 4 weeks once differentiation is achieved, ideal for long-term studies. 
  • Can support the complete replicative cycle of HBV.

Product documentation

HPR101 - Undifferentiated HepaRG™ cryopreserved cells
PDF  Download Product Specification Sheet
HPR116 - Differentiated HepaRG™ cryopreserved cells
PDF  Download Product Specification Sheet
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HPR116NS - Differentiated HepaRG™-NS cryopreserved cells 
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PDF  Download User Guide
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HepaRG™ description

Species: Human
Origin: Liver tumor of a patient suffering from  hepatocarcinoma and hepatitis C infection.
Safety data:  Absence of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV1 viruses checked by PCR on the cell suspension.
Biosafety level: Level 2, as recommended in the CDC-NIH Manual, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories,5th edition, N°21-1112 Revised December 2009
CYP genotyping data: Obtained in collaboration with N. Picard at Limoges hospital (France) using a validated TaqMan allelic discrimination assay (ABI PRISM 7000 Sequence Detection System, Applied-Biosystems).

SNPs description

SNPs: Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

wt: wild-type

mut: mutation

**: wt=G

T=minor allele in Caucasians


*2 (2850C>T) *2/wt
*3 (2549delA) wt/wt
*4 (1846G>A) wt/wt
*7 (2935A>C) wt/wt
*10 (100C>T) wt/wt
*1B (392G>A) wt/wt
*5 (521T>C) wt/*5
334T>G wt/wt**
-24C>T wt/wt
1249G>A wt/mut
3972C>T wt/mut

When using growth-stage cells, a common question is whether they have stability and a useful life once they are differentiated, and with HepaRG™, the answer is "yes!". They can be grown and passaged 8 times when used according to our recommended protocols and medium supplements.
The differentiation process is the same across passages and cells are usable for at least 4 weeks once differentiation is achieved.

Biopredic International has complete User Instructions allowing for maximum quality of differentiated cells, which require non expensive materials for their use. HepaRG™ cells are actually more cost-effective compared with cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes. 

Biopredic International has also developed media supplements for the production, culture, and assay-specific use of the HepaRG™ cell line for drug discovery and development, pharmacology and toxicology, biomarker research and related services.

HepaRG™ is available in three forms

  • HPR101 are undifferentiated HepaRG™ cells cryopreserved at passage 12 that can be grown in-house up to passage 20 to increase their population or can be differentiated into fully functional hepatocytes-like cells.
  • HPR116 are differentiated HepaRG™ cells cryopreserved for immediate use in endpoint assays.
  • HPR116NS (for "No-Spin") are differentiated HepaRG™ cells cryopreserved that do not require centrifugation nor counting steps, contrary to all other cryopreserved hepatocyte products. This format enables labs to save time on traditional laborious and also reduces the risk of errors or variability.

Distribution of HepaRG™ cells

HepaRG™ HPR101 undifferentiated cells are available
• under a Material Transfer Agreement for academic researchers
• through a Sublicense for researchers in commercial organisations.

HepaRG™ HPR116 and HPR116NS differentiated cells are available through a Limited Use License Agreement.

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